Safety First.

From the time you arrive, you’re welcomed with smiles and excitement. You will feel our passion for what we do! You will notice our attention to detail, from all the safety gear provided (helmets, own inserts, goggles, dust mask, life-jackets, paddles ), to top-of-the-line performance 2023 /2023 Yamaha Kodiak 450/700 and CFMoto 500 2ups.

COVID Precautions

Each client will receive their own DOT approved helmet with a disposable insert.
New gloves will be provided and glasses/goggles made available.
Social distancing will be followed according to the Ontario Government guidelines.


What to Expect.

  • Plan to arrive early (20 minutes). South River, Ontario. (See Map)
  • Get checked in, take a look around and check out the ATV machines & kayaks.
  • Wavier to be signed by all participants.
  • A damage deposit is required on each ATV/Kayak.
  • Remember to dress according to current weather conditions (Jackets, Long pants, Boots or shoes – will get dirty and wet. Bug spray/sunscreen is available for purchase.
  • * Please note* The trails are like a roller coaster. Those who are pregnant had recent surgery or are prone to motion sickness may decide not to participate
  • EXTREME Ride – off the trails for the advanced riders available.
  • We also offer guided tours to those who have ATV/SUV and want to try a new location. Call for pricing.

Once you watch a quick safety video and you receive your safety gear, your level of excitement will start to soar…..

Next you load up as you orientate yourself with the vehicle controls, a demonstration will be provided.

Finally the engine ROARS to life and sounds like a GRIZZLY, your eyes widen and the adrenaline starts to rise!

After a short test lap, you’re feeling confident,


As you twist through the forest, we start out easy until everyone gets comfortable operating their ATV’s. Although the trail is clear of brush, its no dirt road! Dips, turns & hills; you will quickly see what we meant when we said ‘roller coaster’!

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what type of wildlife you might see, with sighting of deer, moose, or bear.

Within minutes, the pace picks up and your focus centres on the trail as we build momentum. Until we’re ripping through the forest, climbing up mountains, and catching some air! Hours of adrenaline pumping fun!

There is actually a rhythm to the ride. From slow technical rock crawling, to bursts of speed on straight-aways. Its all planned to keep the excitement to the MAX, and your adrenaline in check. While pushing the vehicles to their limits, and using them as intended, you’ll appreciate the capabilities and durability of the Yamaha ATV’s and CFMoto Machines.

Time to stop at one of our designated locations, enjoy a barbecued hot dog or hamburger. Rehydrate, enjoy some refreshments! Everyone is pumped up, sharing their experiences. What a great photo opportunity ! After a short stop we get back to the riding excitement. Don’t be afraid to let one of the guides know if you want to stop for more photos. The group crosses the finish line, time to park and unload. Return your safety gear. To commemorate your ultimate ride, don’t forget to purchase your swag gear. Remember, we have a GO-PRO video and have captured all the action – option to purchase video.

Thanks for coming !

As you drive away, you still can’t wipe the smile off your face. With your adrenaline levels returning to normal, you start to realize, that just might have been the most fun you’ve ever had! Whether you drive solo, or bring a friend or 2(or ten!) You can be assured to have an excellent time at



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