Moose ATV Package

3 Hours

Moose Adventure Guided ATV Tours

Suits adventurous beginners & intermediate drivers. A mix of moderate terrain.

DEPARTURE:  10:00 am  or 2:00 pm

DURATION:  3+ hours round trip (includes training. ride time, snacks, and refreshments)


This tour is the top choice for beginners.

Experience the thrill of driving your own ATV or share the adventure with a family member or friend.

Imagine an exciting off-road adventure; it’s like riding a roller coaster through the forest, lakes, and rivers. Explore beautiful Almaguin Highlands, with its unique geographical setting and phenomenal scenery by ATV. Try our thrilling trails, and tackle the naturally rugged terrain. View the Algonquin forest and historical sites. Discover why South River / Almaguin is one of the most inspirational settings for adventure. Excellent chance you will catch a glimpse of many types of wildlife

Take an adventure with us, OPEN  7 days a week, all year round with multiple time slots.

What we offer

  • 2 Experienced guides with every tour
  • RV Accommodations / Camping on site
  • Spring /Summer /Autumn /Winter
  • Refreshments /Snacks
  • 8
  • 2 - 14

What to Expect.

  • Plan to arrive early (20 minutes). South River, Ontario. (See Map)
  • Get checked in, take a look around and check out the ATV machines.
  • Waivers to be signed by all participants.
  • A damage deposit is required on each ATV – Min $500.00 held by major credit card.
  • Dot-approved ATV helmets, goggles or glasses are included.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for current weather conditions (Jackets, Long pants, Boots or Closed toe shoes, NO sandals – you will get dirty and wet. Bug spray/sunscreen is available for purchase.
  • * Please note* The trails are like a roller coaster. Those who are pregnant had recent surgery or are prone to motion sickness may decide not to participate
  • Please advise if any medical conditions or allergies.
  • EXTREME Ride – off the trails for the advanced riders available, call to inquiry.
  • We also offer private guided tours to those who have ATV/SUV and want to try a new location. Call for pricing.

What to Expect

Arrival – Meet the Outdoor Adventures ATV Team
Check-In – Sign Waivers, Payment, Safety Tutorial, Safety Equipment
Introduction to ATV Machine Safety Tutorial
Safety Ride around the facility – Get used to the ATV and equipment

30 minutes
Let the EXCITMENT Begin :

Head out to the trails with 2 of our experienced guides

Trails start off easy and slow to get used to the ATV machine.

Within minutes you’re on the trails, in the forest, rock climbing, moving through trees, and brush, climbing mountains, and yes wildlife (Moose, Bear, Deer, Beaver, and wolves are just many)

Our first stop is at a beautiful bridge where you can take photos and capture the moment.

Heading back on the trail, you are now feeling more comfortable on the ATV and building momentum.

90 minutes
Explore South River / Almaguin :

Time to stop off at one of our designated locations for refreshments & snacks. Everyone is pumped and sharing the experience thus far. More excitement to continue, until we hit some amazing hills, and breathtaking scenery of remote lakes, and we offer media packages to capture the moment.

90 hours
Thank You :

The GRAND finale – Let’s get wet & make a big splash !!

The finish line – Park and unload, return safety gear.

Don’t forget to purchase your media package ( photos & Videos)  & Swag

We appreciate your business and we look forward to having your group back – Try a new season to get a different experience.


30 hours

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Moose ATV Package
From $299.00
/ ATV/Min 2
From $90.00
/ Passengers 16+
From $50.00
/ Passengers 12+

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